Any kind of private instruction requires dedication from the teacher and the student. The intensity of any private instruction is higher, the concentration on the skills learned is better and the lesson itself is more strenuous. The swimmers have to practice from four to seven times more than in a group lesson set up. There is no taking turns. The effort is strictly solo that is why the students find it more difficult to be in private than group lessons. It is very understandable because there is more work to be done by the swimmer and specific teaching to be done by the coach. That is why the results are greater for any beginner swimmer. We are going to give you bare facts on group lessons and private lessons, based on math and productivity. We are going to include some emotional factors as well.



The students have to be acclimated to the water prior to their lessons.

Swimmers who are nervous in the water, scared to blow bubbles and always have to hold on to the coach should look into other options

  • Great for swimmers who are accustomed to the water.

  • A good option for swimmers who want to socialize with their peers

  • Best for buddies who want to show off their skills to their friends.

  • Great for swimmers who want to get involved in healthy competition

  • Suitable for learners who really do not  need much attention from the coach 

  • Will benefit learners who can listen and follow the instruction of the coach from a single explanation and demonstration.

  • The time and coach are preset and the swimmer has no option to choose various days and times. When it comes to friends they might also have different schedules so the groups are hard to set up appropriately based on age, skills and coach preference.

  • Results come slow mostly with many mistakes learned which are hard to fix later.

  • Quantity over Quality






  • The student gets all the attention from the coach

  • The swimmer learns and practices the right skills under supervision.

  • The students learn faster

  • Enormous benefits for learning  time-consuming swim skills 

  • Best for busy parents and adults who have to find a convenient time in their schedules to complete this important task of "water safety"

  • It can be scheduled for various times and days with the same coach who becomes a private coach for the student.

  • Customized learning curriculum 

  • Personal Feedback to the Swimmers and the Parents after each lesson.

  • Work of specific goal in swimming.

  • Safety in the water with a coach whose only job is to pay attention to the student.

  • Quality over quantity



Private Lessons are more expensive and not affordable.

Let's do some math. A common public group swim lessons consist of 8 or 4 swimmers and 1 instructor.

A lesson lasts 30 min.

  30 min    :   8 students =  3.75 min per student per lesson

30 min    :   4 students =  7.5 min per student per lesson

A package of group lessons in the Washington Metropolitan area varies from $90 to $140 for 4 lessons.

This means $22.5 and $35 per student per lesson.


So putting those together we see that:

in the first case scenario ( 8 students in a group ), a swimmer pays $22.5 for 3.75 min 

in the second case scenario ( 4 swimmers in a group ), a swimmer pays $35 for 7.5 min

If we transform the group lesson into a private lesson based on time and money spent:

in the first case scenario ( 8 swimmers ), a swimmer pays $180 for a 30 min private lesson 

in the second case scenario ( 4 swimmers ), a swimmer pays $ 140 for a 30 min private lesson 


Most of the reputable group swim lesson providers nowadays tend to offer 4:1 students per instructor ratio. This is because the ineffectiveness of mass group lessons has been proven to be a waste of time and resources. The "learn to swim" industry has always been in a hunt to maximize productivity by teaching more swimmers for less time which had lead to many complications.

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