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In response to COVID 19

Date: 03 /13 / 20 



Dear Clients,

We would like to inform you that we take the matter of the new pandemic of coronavirus very seriously. It is not a time to panic but to prepare and take preventive measures. We are a private business that is run in a government facility, so therefore we follow the regulations of  Montgomery County and The State of Maryland.

As announced, Montgomery County Schools in Maryland will remain closed from 03 / 16 - 03 / 27 in order to prevent the spread of the virus and hopefully, people will comply and take the necessary precautions to minimize and prevent the spread of the disease.

We take measures and would like to assume responsibility to prevent the spread of the virus by following CDC preventive measures listed here but also like to offer some changes and options that can help all of our clients in the upcoming months.

Firstly we will add 3 additional makeup days per week in the month of April and May 2020 in order to make up for the School Closure from 03/16 - 03/27 - Mondays with Coach Tony, Tuesdays - Coach Anna, and Thursdays with Coach Tony. Email us what days and times you would like to reserve so we can plan ahead.

Secondly, we will add three make up days per month for the upcoming spring and summer seasons in order to offer to make up classes for those who had contracted the virus and are on the mend. Please do get a note from the doctor in order to schedule those. The days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.

Thirdly we ask you if you or your loved ones are experiencing any symptoms weather be seasonal flu or COVID 19, feeling sick, please do not come for lessons and we will offer you make up days after your recovery. This is done only with precaution to prevent the spread of the virus.

For the Stroke Clinic members - as of now the session will be extended with two weeks until June 13

After the abatement of the virus, we will resume our current make up policy 1 lesson per package of 8 private lessons.

We wish all of you safe and healthy upcoming months and we will see you at the pool.

Coach Tony and Anna