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The fastest and most affordable way to learn to swim.

Each lesson is tailored to individual needs delivering the best possible results for each student. The swimmer learns from the same coach achieving his/her specific needs in swimming.

The lessons are perfect for all students of all skill levels and ages who want to "learn to swim" or become better swimmers. There is no need for initial evaluation since the coach will work on the student's current skills. The lessons can be booked anytime based on availability and coach preference.

The most recommended lessons are private 1:1 and semi-private 2:1 since the swimmers are getting the best personal attention and their learning is accelerated to meet their goals.



Our program teaches a child to swim in a way they say "It's Fun!'

The coach connects with each swimmer and tailors an enjoyable lesson time creating a trusting and lasting relationship with each student.


The coaches use various swimming aids and gear to teach proper swim techniques from a beginner to an advanced level.The appropriate technique gives swimmer confidence in the water and solid fundamental skills.


Instruction without demonstration, repetition, and feedback is inappropriate. The students need all of the above plus memorization. We do detailed dryland work on the way student accepts, retains and demonstrates the learned skill in and out of the water.


Aquatic Stars offers availability for over 100 lessons per session. The client can pick and choose a coach and time and day that works for their specific needs. This takes out the stress if a swimmer will match a group level, time day and proper instructor match. 




By choosing group lessons for a beginner swimmer in the best scenario with ratio 4:1 swimmers per teacher by taking turns your child will swim with the instructor only for 7.5 min per 30 min lesson for a fee of approx. $35.If you convert that in private lesson you will be paying $140 instead of $60.

Despite the private lessons are more expensive at first hand, they become the best choice by saving in the long run.


Aquatic Stars offers the same coach for the student for the entire session or learning period. There is no surprise of changing instructor(s) every session stressing the swimmers with a new environment and acclimatization to a new group. Our coaches are experienced and dedicated to delivering their best in every lesson.


With Aquatic Stars the swimmer learns to swim and dive in deep water. It is an essential survival skill for any student to master not just swimming skills but also mental toughness while learning. Our experience shows that swimmers are hesitant to go in deep water despite they have basic swim skills. All of our students are comfortable in deep water, since they have experienced it while learning. 


In private lessons set up, the students get all the attention from the coach. The reality today is that private lessons are not widely available because the instructors want to maximize profits per hour spent by teaching groups. With Aquatic Stars we dedicate time and effort to teach swimmers of all levels and ages so they can be safe in the water. We make a positive impact one swimmer at a time!



Aquatic Stars offer one of a kind "Learn to Swim" curriculum. We start with a stress-free introduction to water. The swimmers learn while enjoying the water in the most friendly but intensive way out beating any group lessons where the child has to wait on the wall taking turns to have swim fun. In the private lessons, all the swim instruction and progress is individual which makes a swim hour per dollar spent a great value. 

After the swimmer gets to know the coach a bond of trust is forged and the student can start learning from someone who will offer safety and encouragement in the water.

Going underwater can be intimidating for many swimmers. Having fun while doing so is essential for the young ones.

Today children and adults alike avoid what is unpleasant in life, so swimming can be either an unforgettable experience but also can turn into the biggest nightmare. The importance of knowing how to swim cannot be stressed enough. We are here to offer you our expertise and custom tailor a swim program for you and your family to achieve the results you have come to expect.

What to Expect for a Start:

Flutter Kicking / Blowing Bubbles / Breath Control / Mouth, Nose, Ears Submerging / Sit Jumps / Water Games 

Floatation on Back / Going Underwater / Standing Jumps / Floatation on Front / Basic Front Crawl and Backstroke 

Treading Water / Deepwater Diving / ......